Sunday, September 30, 2012


Like I have mentioned before, Mac is talking like crazy! He repeats everything and speaks so well. It seems like everywhere we go people are saying how surprised they are to hear him talk like he does. Part of this could be that he isn't shy like some kids and will pretty much talk to anyone and he is about the size of most 15 month olds. So hearing his voice out of such a little guy is quite surprising. Here are some of my favorites that I can remember from the last few days:

I took our new truck to a women's conference and when Mac came outside of the house and noticed it missing he asked, "hey, who took my truck?" He kept asking that to Devan over and over.

This morning something struck his funny bone and he was laughing and saying. "that's so funny" over and over. All the sudden, "that's hilarious" popped out. What a word!

For awhile Mac's favorite question has been, "Dat weird guys"?

This morning he was eating a white life saver thing. He kept calling them donuts. When he wanted another one I told him I would put it in my church bag and he could have it during church after the Sacrament. During the sacrament he asked me if he could have a treat. Dev and I were wondering if he could be meaning his "donut" but thought he wouldn't have remembered that from so long ago. His next question was, " Can I have my donut now?"

We went to a Ranger's game on Friday night and Mac LOVED it. EVERYTHING now is about "Rangers baseball. "I get my Rangers baseball bat and go to the rangers baseball game, okay guys?" He says that as he was walking out the door. And can I just say he was SO cute at the game. He really caught on quick to the yelling and cheering part of baseball. "Go Rangers. Hit the ball, please!!" was my personal favorite.

And one last one. Tonight he was walking around with a long skinny tube that goes to my breast pump with one of each end in his ears saying, "I need some music, guys".

There are many more and I will continue to write the things this little guy says so I will remember them. This time is passing too quickly!!!

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  1. You aren't kidding, time with these little ones goes way too fast! I just love cute little Mac and all the fun things he says. He is such a smartie! He is quite the little man!