Sunday, September 30, 2012


Like I have mentioned before, Mac is talking like crazy! He repeats everything and speaks so well. It seems like everywhere we go people are saying how surprised they are to hear him talk like he does. Part of this could be that he isn't shy like some kids and will pretty much talk to anyone and he is about the size of most 15 month olds. So hearing his voice out of such a little guy is quite surprising. Here are some of my favorites that I can remember from the last few days:

I took our new truck to a women's conference and when Mac came outside of the house and noticed it missing he asked, "hey, who took my truck?" He kept asking that to Devan over and over.

This morning something struck his funny bone and he was laughing and saying. "that's so funny" over and over. All the sudden, "that's hilarious" popped out. What a word!

For awhile Mac's favorite question has been, "Dat weird guys"?

This morning he was eating a white life saver thing. He kept calling them donuts. When he wanted another one I told him I would put it in my church bag and he could have it during church after the Sacrament. During the sacrament he asked me if he could have a treat. Dev and I were wondering if he could be meaning his "donut" but thought he wouldn't have remembered that from so long ago. His next question was, " Can I have my donut now?"

We went to a Ranger's game on Friday night and Mac LOVED it. EVERYTHING now is about "Rangers baseball. "I get my Rangers baseball bat and go to the rangers baseball game, okay guys?" He says that as he was walking out the door. And can I just say he was SO cute at the game. He really caught on quick to the yelling and cheering part of baseball. "Go Rangers. Hit the ball, please!!" was my personal favorite.

And one last one. Tonight he was walking around with a long skinny tube that goes to my breast pump with one of each end in his ears saying, "I need some music, guys".

There are many more and I will continue to write the things this little guy says so I will remember them. This time is passing too quickly!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Tuxedo--Cutest thing EVER

My dear friend, Janessa took these adorable pictures of Damon in his blessing outfit. If you do not think this baby tuxedo is the cutest thing you have EVER seen something is totally wrong with you. My very talented mother-in-law makes all the blessing outfits for her grand kids and I really think she out did herself this time. I was so in love with it and couldn't stop talking a in a high voice when I saw it or talked about it. 

Here's the little cutie!

This pic makes realize how big Mac is and how small sweet Damon is. I love my boys!

LOVE this one!!!

it is funny to me to think he ever had this much hair. Its all gone now.

I can't help but love this picture. There is just something about it...

Too precious!!

Thanks Kelly and Janessa!!!

A Day in the Life...

Mac is at a very fun and very busy age. He is talking like crazy and asking questions non-stop. One day I decided to take some pictures to show what a day in the life of little Mac is like. This is about a 10 minute span one day when we were playing outside.

This is his "briefcase". He has to "take it to work" just like his daddy takes his to work.

Lately he is always saying, "ooohhhh, its bright out here! Need my glasses, mom".

Peace! JK, he's 2!

Showing off his broad chest. He is ssttrrooong. He reminds us of that very often.

What a doll. And to be honest, I have no idea what he is doing here.

This kid can do a killer push-up! He watches us very closely and can do them nearly perfect.

He loves him momma! But not as much as dad.

Out of the blue and without any help or even asking him to do this, Mac brings in the can. CUTEST THING EVER! 

Most of my day can be summed up in a few words, "mom, I want eggs please." This morning I asked him how many eggs he wanted and he replied, "a whole bunch!"

Don't worry, I caught him before he could crack it. I'm not always that lucky though.

And there you have it. A few minutes in the life of my adorable toddler. Sure love this little fella.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anyone Seen My Banjo?

Mac is currently walking around the house in undies and his snow boots saying, "Anyone seen my banjo? Anyone see it anywhere?"

First of all, I have NO idea what is banjo is. When asking him what his banjo is he just replies that it is big. I asked him what color and he says red. Still, no idea what it could be.

Second of all, it is just Damon and I here. I find it too funny that he feels he needs to ask if "anyone" has seen his banjo.

What a kid...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Time Flies, I tell ya!! Here is a little update on us all:

Devan has been working in Dallas and spending at least 3 hours a day in the car. Dumb, right?! He's kept a pretty good attitude and it is almost over. I actually think he might be sad though because I recently checked out "Learn Chinese in Ten Days" and he has been loving those CD's. He is amazing at picking up language. He can mock things very well (his favorite thing to mock being me) so the tonal language is pretty easy for him. he is a rock star! We also went to visit our good friends, Candace and Brett, in LA and had a great time! Devan really enjoyed the break from work and loved eating all the crazy food. Things like frog legs, alligator, crab, gumbo etc, etc. It was all delicious!

I've just been chillin at home (Dev takes the car to Dallas) and adjusting to being a mom of 2. I think I am pretty much settled and am starting to feel in the groove of things again. I have been off dairy completely, no butter, milk, cheese, only all my favs, because Damon has an allergy to it. But it is worth it to have a happy baby. It has been hard to enjoy cooking when feel like my creativity is so stifled but I just keep telling myself it is not permanent. I am really enjoying life. Mac makes me laugh several times a day and I love snuggling Damon. I have been keeping busy as the RS secretary and working out with my bud Jillian. Life is good.

What to say about Mac. He is quite the kid!!! He is talking like crazy. He pretty much can say anything and does say it. He is getting so smart and has been asking questions like crazy. He still loves every type of ball and knows the diefference between them all. He loves to kick the soccer ball and play baseball. He can hit the ball very well. He can even hit it when we pitch it to him. Very impressive. BIG NEWS-- he is potty trained:) Damon was a few weeks old when we did it which seemed crazy but it was a good time for him so we made it work. He has been doing really well. He LOVES his dad. He talks about him NONSTOP all day and just can't wait until he gets home. He has to do everything his dad does. What a cute kid he is. Sure love him.

He is 2 months old now! WOW. Time goes by so fast. He is growing, growing. He now weighs over 11lbs and is 24 inches tall. I don't think Mac hit 24 inches until he was like 9 months old (I really need to look it up but I don't doubt it). He is VERY strong for his age. He loves to sit on my hip facing out and holds himself up perfectly. Just today he has rolled over a few times both from his front to his back and back to his front. He can sit up pretty well if we help him just a little. His balance is really good for a kid his age. He is starting to make sounds but is still very quiet in general. His tongue is ALWAYS out. ALWAYS. It is quite funny. He sometimes loves Mac and tries to follow him with his eyes as Mac runs like a crazy man around the room (that is when he rolled over for the first time was trying to follow Mac with his eyes). But other times when Mac talks or makes loud sounds he gets this look on his face like he is very annoyed. It is pretty funny. He has been such a happy boy and is for the most part very chill (thanks to his reflux meds and me being off dairy. He wasn't always this way). Love this little guy!!! He makes me smile.

Here are some pics from the past little while:

This picture does not do this sunset justice!! It was beautiful and Grandma and Grandpa love us:)

Tongue, ALWAYS.

Ready to go swimming. 

Take notice of the shorts...
Notice anything about these shorts? Same ones, haha. 
When in Louisiana we went to where they film the show "Duck Dynasty". Very cool.  

Best little buds. Do as I'm doing was the game of the weekend. 

Happy, Happy, Happy. (I had a poofy shirt on underneath my newly purchased shirt. No, I am not prego again, haha).

Someone found the flour...

I painted my pantry door and am loving it. Just trying to make this place my own.

Blessings to ya'll!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Just bear with me on this one...

So my good friend Jillian is back. Jillian Michaels, that is. I've got to get rid of my baby belly and the Jillian DVDs I have seem to be my best option right now. They kick my butt and I feel great when I am done working out to them.

There is one part on one of the DVD that I hate and usually go "half fast" on. It is killer. But you see, I really want to get in better shape so doing this is doing me NO good. I just can't seem to give this certain kick boxing move my all.

I have this picture of Christ on my mantel. Its right next to my tv. So this last time Jillian and I were bonding and the above mentioned kick boxing part came I started to poop out. Although I had the desire to bust it, I just couldn't. Until I saw the picture of Christ. For some reason it made me work harder and got me through the minute of it. As long as I was staring at it I could get through it. But if I looked away, I quit. Even if I didn't want to.

I seem to make weird analogies out of weird things. My mind is a mystery to even me. But this certain experience made me realize that sometimes we just need something to focus on to get us through rough times. And if we're all being honest here, this whole life we live is a "test", therefore, a "hard thing", right? We are imperfect human beings and we have to go beyond ourselves to become better and stronger. I know I need to be better at staying focused on what is important and realizing that sometimes I am not strong enough to do things that I want to do and be the person I want to be. I lose focus and need something to focus on to help me be that better and stronger person.

Jullian made me ask myself, "where is my focus at"?

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I happen to be SERIOUSLY craving Firehouse in Logan right now. Particularly their Cordon Blue Cedar Baked Sandwich. Oh, the memories...

For some reason, I thought if I threw that out there to the vast emptiness of the internet it would make me feel better.

Results: Nope, just feel worse. I think it made me want it more. And to add to that pain, added the pain of missing Logan more. Booo hooooo. And my pity party is over now. Thanks, vast and empty internet for listening even though it didn't help.